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Conceptual website for winery in Chapada Diamantina.

Get to know UVVA

In the middle of the 19th century, the agricultural region in the interior of Bahia attracted adventurers from all places, including Europe, willing to explore it in search of gold and precious stones. Its name: Chapada Diamantina, a place rich in nature and history, which was once the largest diamond producer in the world, where the wealth is engraved in its own name.

150 years later, with the same perseverance of the first explorers, a family, also of European immigrants, started an audacious project in 2012: the planting of grapes to produce fine wines of high range, which, when added to wine tourism and haute cuisine, would definitely introduce the Chapada Diamantina terroir into the national and international map.


What we did


Developing a website that would translate all the richness of the terroir and at the same time dispel the concept that Bahia could not have a high-quality wine-producing region. A channel where people could understand the project, learn more about the region, learn about viticulture and its processes, and of course be the customer’s touchpoint.


The challenge was to present one of the most beautiful regions in Brazil as a unique terroir for growing grapes. And also to position UVVA as a brand of excellence, because besides the winery, an entire business-generating ecosystem is being designed in the region, such as ecotourism, hotels, and real estate.


As part of the communication strategy and allied to other actions, such as launching webinars and inbound work, the UVVA website had more than 10,000 hits in the first two weeks. Way above the expectation and the agreed KPIs. It is a live product that is always being improved, the blog is the most accessed information channel of the company, and the e-commerce will soon be incorporated into the channel, making the URL always generating traffic and SEO ranking.


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