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Digital repositioning of the Brazil’s largest private energy company.

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ENGIE has been present in Brazil for over 20 years, leading the generation of electric energy in the country and offering innovative services and solutions to its customers.


What we did


ENGIE Brasil website is actually a platform that aims to unify all the solutions that the company offers, through the conceptual vision of “One Company, One Brand”.

It is a complex website, with a large number of pages, but still, it was planned and structured to be under the accessibility requirements and to allow an intuitive, clear, and dynamic browsing experience for any user profile.


At the beginning of the process, we developed an “Analysis and Mapping of People and User Archetypes” study with ENGIE stakeholders. Developed through interviews and market and target public analysis, the study has detected two main directives for ENGIE website:

1) To be an important commercial tool to unify the solutions offered and focus on the communication with the public, attracting new Leads and potential customers;

2) To build a solid corporate image, reiterating and showing its innovation and leadership spirit during the energetic transition, consolidating the brand nationally.


The big challenge of the project was to turn the website into the main communication and business vehicle of the company. Also, it should be loyal to the graphic style guide of the company’s business, a global leader in the energy field, and be accessible through any device, computer, or smartphone.

For this, a strategy was developed for the website to work as a system to capture leads and turn them into business in all market areas where the company operates. A system that is connected to all the media used by the brand, that represents the doorway of all the campaigns of the company and that integrates the data to Salesforce, the CRM used by the commercial team.


Already in the first month from its launching, the website gave results beyond expectations. The number of monthly accesses increased by 300%. Lead capture increased seven times and qualified leads increased by 85%.


more monthly hits


more qualified leads


more lead capture

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