_encouraging the use of solar power through digital initiatives.

ENGIE Solar Programs

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The ENGIE Solar, an ENGIE Brazil Energy’s company, has several partnerships with other companies to incentivate and educate about the use of solar energy around the country.


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Solar Programs

The ENGIE Solar, executes programs that aim to incentivate and promote the advantages of the use of photovoltaic systems. Attending all kinds of clients, from residential to commercial, the company has different projects around Brazil in partnership with other companies, in order to get LEADS that are interested in knowing more about the technology or in creating a quote for a project.

The Mintlab has developed and lauched websites for the project “Photovoltaic Bonus” and two of the projects of the Solar Industry Program.


Photovoltaic Bonus

The project “Photovoltaic Bonus” has been developed by ENGIE Solar in partnership with CELESC. The project aimed at incentivating the residencial use of solar energy, installing complete production systems into 1000 residencies.


We have launched a responsive hotsite, focused on encouraging people to use photovoltaic systems in their homes, and educating about the financial and environmental advantages that the use of solar energy can bring.

BI - Dashboard CELESC

We have taken part in the development and creation of the platform suited for the CELESC’s employees. In this platform they can access reports with the consumption and generation data of the installations related to the “Photovoltaic Bonus” project through filters, or by accessing the list of the project’s clients.


Solar industry program

The Solar Industry Program has been designed by the ENGIE Solar in partnership with other energy distributor companies around Brazil. Us from the Mintlab, we’ve had the opportunity to work in the conception, improvement and launch of the responsive hotsites of two of these projects, in the states of Santa Catarina and Mato Grosso.


The goal of the hotsite is to raise the clients’ awareness about the reduction of our environmental impact and to get leads in order to install solar energy. It offers exclusive forms of financing projects with low interest rates. Every registration performed in the site has been integrated into the CRM of the company.


Over the years, we have had the opportunity to take part in projects that incentivate the use of solar energy. These projects are focused on the education of the clients about reducing our environmental impact and about the advantages of producing your own energy. Mintlab is very glad to be a part of the collaborative creation of a more sustainable and conscious community.

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