ENGIE – Energy Place

An innovative platform for the energy sector.

Get to know ENGIE

ENGIE has been present in Brazil for over 20 years, leading the generation of electric energy in the country and offering innovative services and solutions to its customers.


What we did


ENGIE Brasil was interested in digitalizing various energy management and purchase processes to give more autonomy and freedom to its customers and potential buyers. Driven by the wave of digitalization in several segments, the company saw a great opportunity and launched its own solution for the energy sector.


Developing a visual language and information structure that would be in accordance with the company's objectives and the user's needs. As it is a live product, it has a dedicated team bringing continuous improvements and each sprint is a new challenge. This makes this product even more innovative and disruptive with each delivery.


The Energy Place is a historic landmark not only for ENGIE Brazil but also for the entire energy segment in the country. A product that is constantly evolving, seeking to bring improvements to all those involved in generating, contracting, and selling energy. It allows the market to operate in a more modern and dynamic way, generating new business and opportunities for everyone.

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