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Launch of Slabs Portobello in the North American market

Get to know Portobello America

Portobello America is a company of the Portobello Group, a leader in ceramic tiles in Brazil and one of the 10 best in the world.

Present in the USA for over 20 years, Portobello America has warehouses throughout the United States, in addition to a plant under construction strategically located in Tennessee.

What we did


Portobello launched its first Slabs collection produced in its factory in Santa Catarina - Brazil, becoming one of the only companies in the world to produce porcelain tiles in sizes up to 1.80 cm x 3.60 cm. With this innovation, the new Unlimited Collection comes with the concept of continuous surfaces and no longer just tiles, which allows infinite uses for tiling, decorating or furnishing.


Launching a new product on the market is already a great challenge itself, and creating this narrative in digital environment was extremely necessary to achieve our goal of getting the public familiar with porcelain tiles in these new formats.


The solution developed was an interactive single page that presents the formats in sizes that are not usual in digital environments, alluding to what happens when we come across with a Slab for the first time in a physical store.

The different materials and textures were also highlighted in our gallery feature where the user can discover several colors and contact Portobello team to order the product.

Another interesting feature was the inclusion of an interactive 360º Tour where the user can visit the factory in Tijucas where Slabs are produced and better understand the process.

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