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Marelli is the largest office furniture company in the Brazilian market. Established in 1987 in the city of Caxias do Sul, the company has always been distinguished by an entrepreneurial and cutting-edge vision supported by a sustainable management model and focused on human talent. Marelli is currently located in Brazil and other countries in South America.

What we did


Marelli was created more than 30 years ago as an industry that produced corporate furniture, a vision that made the company a national leader in the segment. Since then, Marelli has always invested in best practices and innovation to produce products that the consumer wanted. However, the market did not realize this and continued to perceive Marelli as an industrial company. In 2019, we started working to position the brand as innovative, aware of the market's needs, and present in all channels, that is, an omnichannel brand.


The challenge was to reposition the brand with the company’s new purpose. Solutions for any type of environment, products with embedded technology, designed to take into account ergonomics, materials, comfort, market trends. Solutions for the representative, professional, architect, and also for the final consumer. All within the new corporate style guide and aligned with other offline and online communication actions, offering more than one contact channel for the client. That is, the omnichannel concept to provide the best user experience, whether B2B or B2C.


The result was a fast, friendly, and objective website. Segmented by channels, presenting the most relevant cases, solutions for each type of environment, and needs, leading to a good browsing experience.

It presents a range of facilities for the professional, being it designer, architect, engineer, and also for the final consumer, as it shows the company's portfolio in a simple, logical, and 360º way. Not to mention that it is integrated with the company's DAM and other systems, facilitating information management and bringing important analytical data for decision making.

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