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New website for Plastubos Mexichem.

Get to know Plastubos

Plastubos has been on the market of low-cost pipes and fittings for over 20 years. The hydraulic projects catalog contains a complete line for the building segment, from construction to renovation. The brand distributes its products throughout the national territory.

What we did


Plastubos was looking for a digital repositioning consistent with its brand and visual identity redesign. The website update aimed to improve content communication and provide its use as a facilitator at the time of purchase.


The main content of the website was basically the exposition of the products and their technical data, and its main public was class C, D and E men with more than 25 years. We are talking about self-employed hydraulic professionals that already use the digital channels to get information and technical data about the products.

The website was developed with the most used resolution patterns of Brazil: 1366x768 - 21.78% e 360x640 - 17.63% (Font: Statcounter GlobalStats).

The layout margins were planned for the website to be used also in lower resolutions, since 40% of the desktop websites accesses are done at 1366 x 768 resolution.


Every product is available with codes and technical data, so that consumers and distributors can create wishlists to ease the purchase. After creating the list, the consumer can download it, print it and take it to the physical store. The distributor can just send it to Plastubos, who will create a quote.


A friendly site focused on the user/consumer of class C, according to the client's goal. The great differentials are the ease of searching and getting to know the products because the way the product mix is displayed is very simple and fast. And also, the possibility of discovering the location of a Plastubo reseller near the user in just a few clicks.

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