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A solution for communication shortage at the point of sale.

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TradeTools is a tool for sales, trademarking, and marketing teams, as it allows the creation of materials to support sales and communication in a few seconds.

What we did


Many companies have issues with communication and merchandising disruptions at the POS. These disruptions, which can vary from the lack of a promotional poster to a shop front, cause a lot of inconvenience to professionals in the field, such as promoters, sales representatives, traders or supervisors.


Developing an app that would not only notify point-of-sale disruptions but also integrate with the company's workflow and solve the situation in a quick, easy and economic way.


App TradeTools Display allows the frontline trader to report a problem in real-time, assigning the task to a professional in the office who can solve it quickly and inform the whole process status (workflow). Ultimately, it is possible to send the artwork created - whether it is a banner, poster, shelf-talker, etc. - through the app, granting an agile process and reducing transportation costs. The same frontline trader who identified the problem has in his hands, literally, the solution and the final artwork.


An easy-to-use application integrated with Tradetools Creator, which enables you to open calls and alerts remotely allowing the manager to resolve disruptions within minutes. It also allows leaders and managers to better conduct the activities of field teams.

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