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Information Architecture - diagnosis and opportunities on the commercial journey.

Get to know Pratica

Founded in 1991, Pratica develops, produces, and sells equipment for restaurants, bakeries, and food production plants. A leader in several segments in which it operates, the company has a state-of-the-art factory, comparable to the best in the world, as well as a team of top-notch engineers and technicians, which develops solutions aligned with the most modern market trends.

The company's purpose is to help its customers produce quality food without waste.

What we did


Pratica needed to improve the user experience and at the same time offer the sales team a more customized tool that would meet the demands of the consumer.


"Understanding the problem before creating solutions is the smartest way to avoid waste and be more assertive."
It was proposed to carry out an understanding work using design thinking methodology to comprehend Stakeholders' vision and then validate it with the other players of the process, in this case, the sales teams/distributors and final consumers.


Identifying opportunities within the purchase journey that could meet the company's need to improve the consumer experience and thereby increase sales volume in various channels. After that, propose solutions for each “pain” within the company's Information Architecture.


After 4 months of research, interviews, studies, we presented a diagnosis focused on the pains and the solutions (paths) for each one. When a process of understanding is done from the stakeholders to the final consumer, that is, in the entire chain, the validation of the data is much clearer and more assertive because one persona validates the other’s vision.


The result is a clear view of how data is imputed during the product journey until it becomes an asset in the consumption journey. This is evident throughout the process of designing the Information Architecture. Within the Architecture, you can clearly see the attention points and opportunities that can be developed using the existing data, and when they don’t exist it’s also clear what needs to be done or implemented to realize the solutions.

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