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Communication and inbound strategy for the Free Energy Market.

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ENGIE has been present in Brazil for over 20 years, leading the generation of electric energy in the country and offering innovative services and solutions to its customers.


What we did


The regulation of the energy market in Brazil made it possible for a larger slice of customers to be able to buy it wholesale, bringing more savings in the consumption account. This motivated ENGIE to develop a communication strategy that could bring more qualified LEADs generating new business.


A team of experts was created with different profiles to be able to think, develop strategies and content and implement them. From UX designers, energy content experts, SEO specialists, data analysts, and Ads specialists.


Bringing new customers to the Free Energy Market and also providing existing users with relevant market and contract information, such as consumption data, costs, among others.


The results began to appear in the first few months. Increase of more than 400% in the reach of information; an increase of more than 150% in the target audience; reduction of more than 1,000% in CPC and increase in ranking in organic search, becoming a leader in several keywords.


more reach


more hits


less CPC

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