_digital repositioning of the biggest Brazilian private energy company.


_about the client

ENGIE has been present in Brazil for over 20 years, leading the generation of electric energy in the country and offering innovative services and solutions to its customers.


Web, Responsive, UI, Usability



The ENGIE Brazil website is actually a platform that aims to unify all the solutions that the company offers, through the conceptual vision of “One Company, One Brand”. It is a complex website, with a great branch of pages but still, it is planned and structured to have in its information architecture and customer experience an intuitive, clear and dynamic navigation for any profile and potential user.


Understanding Process

In the beginning of the process, we developed a study of “Persons and User Archetype Analysis and Mapping” with ENGIE’s stakeholders. Created through interviews and market and target public analysis, the study has detected two main directives for the ENGIE website:

1) Be an important commercial tool to unify the offered solutions and focus on the communication with the public, attracting new Leads and possible clients;

2) Build a solid business image, reiterating and showing its innovation and leadership spirit during the energetic transition , consolidating the brand nationally.


Also, we could identify six specific goals:
• Being a commercial tool to boost new businesses;
• Being a propagation and a strengthening vehicle of the brand;
• Being a communication channel about business, people, projects, innovation and sustainability;
• Being a communication channel with investors and stockholders;
• Being a tool to attract new employees and partnerships;
• Being the digital image of the company, represented as unite.

Initial Feedback

These goals would satisfy the expectations of the stakeholders, like: “Be a friendly and agile site”, “Get close to the clients”, “Be a sales site”, “Generate opportunities”, Transmit the sustainability message”,”Consolidate a corporative strong image of ENGIE in Brazil”. Considering these conclusions, 5 pillars were structured to build the main structure of the site and the navigation menu: Institutional, Commercial, Sustainability, Investors, Press.


The big challenge of the project was to turn the website into the main communication and business vehicle of the company. Also, it should be loyal to the business graphic style of the company, global leader in the energy field, and be accessible through any device, computer or smartphone. For this, a strategy was developed for the website to work as a system to capture Leads and turn them into business in all the market areas where the company acts. A system that is connected to all the medias used by the brand, that represents the doorway of all the campaigns of the company and that integrates the data to the Salesforce, CRM used by the commercial team.


Already in the first month from its launching, the website was giving results that were above expectancy. The number of monthly accesses increased 300%. The Leads capture increased seven times and the qualified Leads increased 85%.

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