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ENGIE has been present in Brazil for over 20 years, leading the generation of electric energy in the country and offering innovative services and solutions to its customers.


What we did


Each sector of the company had its own communication channel with the consumer. This situation caused a few problems: different visual identities were created and the content was not focused enough on “business”. We needed to centralize all the company’s solutions, make them easily available for the user and improve the quality of the content.


After defining the project’s goal, we started to think about the architecture of the Blog. ENGIE Brazil wanted us to categorize the information based on the solutions. In this way, the user can find not only information about products and solutions but also about the sector.


ENGIE got a centralized content channel to raise awareness between the consumers and improve sales. In a second phase the Blog will have more features and will be able to gather more data, in order to customize solutions for any type of consumer. Besides that, the content will become more and more relevant in the searches, improving the SEO of the digital channels.

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