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Inbound Marketing Strategy to leverage the results of the E-conomiza campaign


ENGIE has been operating in Brazil for 25 years and has a wide range of projects and sustainable initiatives, with a complete portfolio of integrated solutions to reduce costs and improve infrastructure, both for companies and cities.


What we did


ENGIE Brazil has created a solution focused on companies that need to reduce expenses for electricity. E-conomiza is a product that provides savings on the electric energy bills. The company identified the opportunity to improve its communication and marketing strategy for the launch of its new product and counted with the support of the Inbound Marketing team of MINT_Lab to develop and implement the strategy.

The process

Initially, a strategy was implemented aimed at testing and generating data, where we could extract insights from the knowledge and expertise of each member of the team to guide future actions.

The challenge

After the necessary implementation time, ENGIE signaled its interest in creating not only a digital campaign, but also an offline campaign specific to the Northeast region. The data obtained in the first months was essential to conduct a thorough market analysis and validate necessary adjustments in audience targeting and future actions to be done in this new campaign.

The solution

In addition to adjustments in paid media campaigns, the first demographic segmentation corrections and visual adjustments were made, including the E-conomiza hot site itself. It was redesigned and directed to an exclusive environment, and along with it we created a blog focused on the production of customized content for the product’s audiences and with the purpose of strengthening ENGIE’s SEO.

The results

The results are significant in indicators such as people reach, increase in website traffic, indexing of relevant keywords for the sector, reduction in cost per click (CPC) and cost per lead (CPL) and expansion of the product’s organic and paid positioning in digital environment.

As ENGIE was satisfied with the gains, they extended the actions focused on Northeast Brazil for a longer period of time, in addition to adapting its own strategy for the test region to other regions in Brazil.

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