_we are a digital company that believes in human behavior as a results generator.

Equipe MINT reunião

The MINT Interactive Lab is a company that is focused on the creation of digital products proprietary or customized. We have a multidisciplinary team which takes care of the projects during the whole process: from the first contact with the problem until the release of the project itself. We work in partnership with the client to understand the needs of the users, in order to create solutions that are tangible and effective in their daily life.

We are a part of the Golinelli Group, with more than 20 years of experience in the digital environment, using Design as a main differentiation and innovation tool.

What we can do for you?

Our multidisciplinary team is present in every phase of a project, creating customized solutions to satisfy the expectations and needs of the users. For this to work out, we have the know-how to accompany the whole development of the solution : from the understanding of the problem, to the creation, implementation and maintenance.

Design Thinking
  • Agile methods using Sprint;
  • Products and Roadmaps definition;
  • Market research;
  • Requirements analysis;
  • User-Centered Design;
  • Iterative process;
Digital Interfaces
  • Structure and Flow;
  • Wireframe and Prototypes;
  • Design System;
  • UI Design;
  • Styleguide;
  • Interaction Design;
  • Usability test;
Develop _ment
  • Front-End development;
  • Back-End programming;
  • Integration with API;
  • Responsive websites, apps and systems;
  • SEO;
  • Customized solutions;
Product Support
  • Photography;
  • Audiovisual production;
  • Analytics;
  • Microdata;
  • Accessibility;
  • Heuristic analysis;
  • Peer Review;

_see how we do it

Dis cover

Every project starts with the discovery phase. In this phase, together, we analyze the problem, create hypothesis and define what will the team do in order to validate our ideas. The result can be a first perception-like decision or a deeply different path to follow to reach the goal.

Ide alize

In the idealization of a project we start to conceive its solution. Disruptive ideas arise, and only the more plausible in relation to the briefing, time execution and real value generation estimate are chosen. This is the window to create the goal and reach it, define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and move on with the project.

Vali date

After conceiving the MVP, the ideas have to be put in practice to confirm what path to follow. During the validation phase we apply tests and identify our hits and mistakes. We keep going where we hit and we learn and correct where we were mistaken, in order to optimize the solution.

Ite rate

Every feedback is analyzed, every mistake is fixed and every wrong decision is corrected. In the iteration we go back to discover where can we optimize our solution. This phase can take place once, twice, or as many times as needed, improving the learning of the team, the quality of the work and the value given to the user.

Equipe MINT trabalhando

_get to know our values

  • Design as the DNA of the processes
  • Clients as partners
  • Transparency in the first place
  • We believe in multidisciplinarity
  • We act locally, we create globally
  • Discover and Cooperate
Customer Success
User Experience
Full-stack Development
Agile methodology
Interface Design

We are part of the Golinelli Group.
Get to know a bit of our history.

Golinelli Communication Lab
Golinelli France
DMP Golinelli
Dzigual Golinelli Communication Lab Mint Interactive Lab

The Golinelli Group owns more than 65 years of experience and it works in Italy, France and Brazil.

Golinelli Lab was created in 1961 as a graphic industry and its clients were mostly from the ceramic and automotive fields. Since then it attends the main brands in those areas. In the ‘90s it started to invest in services, products and markets diversification. Nowadays it has communication, technology and design companies, besides the graphic industry, and it has expanded its market to energy, hospitality, fashion and luxury sectors.

_get to know some of the MINT and Golinelli Group clients.

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